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Products > Home Lighting > Led Door bell > CTG-1130 Wireless Door Bell 38 chimes white
CTG-1130 Wireless Door Bell  38 chimes white
CTG-1130 Wireless Door Bell  38 chimes white CTG-1130 Wireless Door Bell  38 chimes white
Product name : CTG-1130 Wireless Door Bell 38 chimes white
Product No. : 20181130173116
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CTG-1130 Door bell
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Wireless Multi-Unit Long Range Doorbell Chime Alert System,
Base Starter Kit includes 2 Plugin , White

Follow the steps for usage

1, Place the correct batteries in the detector

2, Make sure that the batteries have been put in the proper positions.

3, Mount the detector properly by the front door, window frame , driveway, walk path , backyard or anywhere you need.

4, Then switch on the receiver and adjust the volume to either hi or lo position.

5, Now the remote detective system is operating with the infrared detect technology.

6, Place the receiver in an easy to reach place.

7, When the detector senses motion , the receiver will make an audible sound & the LED light will flash.

8, Please wait for 30 seconds after switching on detective & receiver to activate.

9, Please install both units 3 feet above ground level for optimal performance.


Useful Tips

Do not place the detector in areas where the wind will move it., also try to keep the detective in a clear path to the receiver, so that you can get optimal performance.

Care & maintenance portion

1, Important: please keep the detector & receiver in sheltered places to avoid contact of both units form water and direct sunlight.

2, When the LED indicator does not go on , the battery power is either low or dead. At that time you should change the batteries.

3, Clean the detective regularly with a damp cloth to avoid blockage of sensor by dirt or any small


4, Try to keep it in areas where it will not get wet. In addition, during heavy storms & snowfalls, it is recommended that unit should be moved indoor or in a safe place.

5, Never attempt take apart the units.

6, When the unit is not in use, take out all batteries; clean both units and store the units in dry , cool place.

7, The device is not a toy and should keep out of reach from children.



1、 Working Voltage of the Receiver:110V-240V

2、 Working Voltage of the PIR Sensor:4.5V(3  AAA  batteries)

3、 Receiver Switch Setting :

1)Music source: 38 different songs for optional Use the external button "music" to finish

2) The function of volume adjustment: there are three kinds of volume (high, middle, low) for choice

3) Adjust sound and silence

4、 Working Range: Up to 70 meters

5、 Infrared sensing distance: 3-7 meters

6、 Receiver size:76*80*33mm

7、 PIR Sensor size:80*59*45mm

8、 Packing size:17.5*11*7.5cm

9、 Weight:0.22kg

Box Contents: 

1 x Receiver 
1 x PIR Sensor 
1 x Instruction Manual

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