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Products > Factory Price Low voltage Motor Soft Starter > 3.Motor Soft Starter 90-200KW > Motor Soft starter 90-200KW CTG-STA-H 90KW-200KW
Motor Soft starter 90-200KW CTG-STA-H 90KW-200KW
Motor Soft starter 90-200KW CTG-STA-H 90KW-200KW Motor Soft starter 90-200KW CTG-STA-H 90KW-200KW Motor Soft starter 90-200KW CTG-STA-H 90KW-200KW Motor Soft starter 90-200KW CTG-STA-H 90KW-200KW
Product name : Motor Soft starter 90-200KW CTG-STA-H 90KW-200KW
Product No. : 20217118350
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Motor Soft Starter 3 Phase Modbus Motor Soft Starter 50Hz 60Hz

Product Features:                                                                                                      
STA Intelligent motor soft start equipment system with the complete protection function, extend the service life of the system, reduce the cost of system cost, improve the reliability of system and compatible with all the functions of starting equipment; It is a new ideal alternative for traditional star triangle starter and self-coupling decompression starter.
Product characteristics                                                                                                                  
Reduce the starting current, reduce power supply peak current, reduce the cost of distribution equipment. Reduce the abrasion of motor, improve the service life of mechanical equipment.
l Optional starting parameters are convenient in one soft starter starting different motors.

l Soft starter inspects motor feedback voltage to realize closed loop control, ensure the motor start-up success in different conditions and different loads.

l A variety of starting ways: voltage ramp starting way can get the maximum output torque; Current limiting can realize biggest limitations of the soft start starting current.

l Reliable quality assurance: using computer simulation design; SMT production process; Excellent electromagnetic compatibility performance; High temperature aging, vibration test of the machine before delivery.

l Perfect and reliable protection function: loss of voltage, less voltage, over voltage protection; overheating, starting time too long; Input phase lost, output phase lost, three-phase imbalance; starting over current, overload and load short circuit protection, etc.

l Full dynamic control field-bus monitoring starter, easy networking.

l LED displaying screen can display parameter code, state and error.

Application industry:                                                                                                                                                     

Motor fan:use soft starter instead of conventional starter, to realize the smooth start.
Compressor: The soft starter limit the startup current, reduce the abrasion and mechanical impact, reduce the heat of motor, prolong the working life, save the  maintenance cost.
Crusher: The block protection of soft starter prevent the motor being over burnt and hurt damaged come from mechanical fault and block.
Transmission machine: soft startup and presetting slow movement realize smooth, gradual start, to avoid products movement and liquid overflow.
Pump: the control of soft starter reduce the water hammer result from liquid impact, saving maintenance cost for system.
- Grinder: The soft start reduce the abrasion of wheels, lighten the maintenance cost and time.


l Agitator

l Air Compressor

l Ball Mill

l Centrifuge

l Chiller

l Conveyor

l Crusher

l Escalator

l Fan (Low and High Inertia)

l Feeder

l Grinder

l Hammer Mill

l Lathe Machine

l Mills (Flour, etc.)

l Mixer (Unloaded or Loaded)

l Pelletizer

l Plastic and Textile Machines

l Press (Flywheel)

l Pump (Centrifugal)

l Pump (Positive Displacement)

l Rolling Mill

l Saw (Band)

l Saw (Circular)

l Screen (Vibrating)

l Transformer

l Tumbler

l Wood Chipper

X type  : Universal type  need outside bypass contactor 
Motor power:  7.5KW,15KW,22KW,30KW,37KW,45KW,55KW,75KW,90KW,110KW,132KW,160KW,

Three-phase main circuit power supply:3PH,AC230V、AC380V、AC660V、AC1140V(±15%),50Hz;
other voltage can order to make .
Control power :
Rating current: 15~1200A,
Motor: Squirrel cage asynchronous motor 
Start frequency:Less than 20 times per hour for Standdard products
Cooling: Natural air -cooled or fan air cooling 
IP code: IP20
Environment:  If the altitude is above 2000M user should select the higher power equipment 
Environment temperature:-25 degree-+40degree

New capability : add communication

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