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Products > Factory Price Low voltage Motor Soft Starter > 5.Accessories > Factory offer Pulse Transformer CTG-WUE-P11/P21/P31
Factory offer Pulse Transformer CTG-WUE-P11/P21/P31
Product name : Factory offer Pulse Transformer CTG-WUE-P11/P21/P31
Product No. : 202072191236
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First. The characteristics
1. The coupling capacitance is low. So that it has a high anti-jamming capability;
2. The leakage inductance is small. To ensure better output pulse waveform;
3. No switching delay. The instantaneous transmit power is high;
4. Fully enclosed welded directly to printed circuit board installed;
5. Mechanical. And environmental isolation capability. Compact. Rugged. Vibration. Moisture. Fire-retardant;
6. The electrical resistance between the windings of high strength;
7. Are free to form the required ratio to meet the trigger requirements;
8. With all the supporting capacity of the SCR;
9. Can be used as a common pulse transformer.
Second. The application
The pulse transformer and supporting the use of SCR. The trigger is usually used in the SCR control unit. On the one hand pass the trigger pulse. On the other hand strong. Weak and reliable isolation between the role play.

The pulse trigger transformer can be widely used:
1. Regulator. Control devices
2. welding machines. Elevator
3. IF power
4. Rectifier equipment.
5. inverter frequency equipment. Automatic control device
6. The other SCR devices

Third. The type and ratio parameters
1. The amplitude of the input DC pulse voltage range: DC8 ~ 27V
2. There is a 3: 1 ratio. 2: 1.1: 1.2: 1: 1.1: 1: 1. etc...In accordance with customer requirements. "Google ": : Website Translator Google

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